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Dark side of the island
Adventure/Thriller ( 1963 / Harry Patterson / Jack Higgins )
Number of votes: 133, avarage rating: 6.9173
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Featuring: Hugh Lomax

And this one for Ruth

Memories of love and war cast shadows over a Greek island paradise
Captain Hugh Lomax waited until long after the war before returning to Kyros. Then found himself swallowed up by the feelings he had fought hard to suppress. Beautiful Katina Pavlo was waiting, and so much of their lives still remained ...
But the ravages of war had changed Kyros. The islanders too are waiting. And the cry in their heart is revenge.
Lomax's last view of Kyros had been as a German prisoner of war. He knew he was innocent. So just who had betrayed the islanders in the darkest days of Nazi occupation? And were they ready to destroy again to keep their secret safe?