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East of desolation
Adventure/Thriller ( 1968 / Jack Higgins )
Number of votes: 195, avarage rating: 7.0667
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Featuring: Joe Martin

For Arnold Spector - good friend

Someone had told them I was a top bush pilot - the best around. A small plane had crashed in the frozen desert of a Greenland ice cap, and they wanted me to fly them to the wreck. A matter of insurance payments, they told me. That was why they had brought Mrs. Kelso along - to identify the pilot. Mrs. Kelso was something else again. She had the kind of looks and sex appeal that hooked you on sight. A man would do anything for her, almost. That made me just a little warier that I would have been anyway. Because this whole thing looked fishy as hell to me. First I said no. Then I said yes. Then the nightmare began...
Triva: this is the first book published under the name "Jack Higgins".