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Espionage ( 1983 / Jack Higgins )
Number of votes: 281, avarage rating: 7.0641
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Featuring: Charles Ferguson Harry Fox Tonny Villiers

To Denise, with love, understanding and grace

Tony Villers was the hardest, most ruthless man Gabrielle had ever fallen in love with. That is why she had married him. Why she had divorced him. And why she was horrified to learn that she would be working with him again by order of British intelligence. Raul Montera was the handsomest, most gallant man Gabrielle had ever met. That was why she would have gone to bed with him even had she not been under orders to do so. Why she was filled with joy at his all-consuming love for her. And why it would destroy all that was most precious in her life to betray him. Two violently opposing men...one divided woman...and Donner, international tycoon and master arms manipulator in the West, who was out to make puppets of the all...