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Eye of the storm
Aka: Midnight Man
Terrorism ( 1992 / Jack Higgins )
Number of votes: 407, avarage rating: 7.9484
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Featuring: Sean Dillon Liam Devlin Charles Ferguson Martin Brosnan

In memory of my grandfather, Robert Bell, M.M., Gallant Soldier

Also known as: Midnight man.

The IRA, ETA, the PLO, Sean Dillon has worked for them all. His assassin's bullet is highly respected and highly priced. Now in the middle of the Gulf War, Iraqis need his services for a vicious terrorist strike; Target Britain.
The plan is to shake the world - wipe out key Western Government figures, and gain a massive propaganda coup. But on Dillon's tail are British Intelligence.
They've found a killer to stalk a killer, a man with personal reason to enter the storm ...... a man with bloody revenge etched into his soul.