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I get a lot of help from all you people. Everybody e-mails me pieces of information. Now I made this place on the Unofficial Jack Higgins Homepage where your name will be listed when you contribute some useful information. I'm very sorry for all the people that did already do so but I don't have all the E-mail addresses anymore.

Sebastian Masana: for general help.
Homepage: http://www.masana.com.ar/.

Benjamin E. Pearson: for general help and a lot of advice on how to build the homepage.

In April 2001 one of the greatest Jack Higgins fans in the world
Benjamin E. Pearson

passed away. He has been contributing to the homepage from the first year and the homepage would not have become what it is without his help and support. His wife died soon after him and our condolences go out to their daughter Molly which they have left behind.

Alan Ford: for scanning covers for the homepage.

Judy Hansen: For sending in the WRITERS Journal interview.
Sam L: For keeping me to update the homepage over the years.