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First strike
Espionage ( 2009 / Jack Higgins )
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Jack Higgins, master of the modern thriller, teams up with Justin Richards, bestselling author of Dr Who, to deliver a pulse-pounding new instalment in the adventures of the teenage Chance twins! Barely have Rich and Jade Chance walked away from their terrifying ordeal in the Middle East, when they stumble into another nightmare. And this time, it's at the heart of the free world! As their father deals with missing nuclear missiles in China, the twins are finally enjoying their all-expenses paid trip to the White House. But the enjoyment isn't going to last long. Soon, the President they saved from assassination in Sharp Shot is targeted again. Now Rich and Jade face a shocking siege and a battle to prevent World War III -- all from the comfort of home. The President's home! (from amazon.co.uk)