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Flight of Eagles
World War II ( 1998 / Jack Higgins )
Number of votes: 413, avarage rating: 8.1235
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Featuring: Harry Kelso Max Kelso Dougal Munro

For my wife Denise, for special help with this one. Amongst many virtues, pilot extraordinaire...

"In the early days of World War II, two brothers find themselves on opposite sides. Max and Harry Kelso were born in the United States of a German mother and an American father, World War I flying ace, Jack Kelso. They were separated as boys, after their father died, when their mother took Max with her back to Germany, and now Max has grown up to become a feared pilot with the Luftwaffe and Harry is a Yank ace in the RAF. Each has kept track of the other's progress, both earning many medals and promotions, but neither could possibly predict the extraordinary circumstances under which they are about to meet. Forces much greater than these two brothers have set in motion an intrigue so devious, so filled with peril, that they will be forced to question everything they know, everything they hold most dear--their lives, their families, their loyalties. And upon the results of their actions will hang, unalterably, the course of the war itself... Filled with harrowing twists and hi-tension action, "Flight of Eagles" is Higgins at his very best. This could very well be his BEST novel and it definitely should be made into a movie. A book that crackles with excitement and fast moving action; I could not put it down.