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In the hour before midnight
Aka: Sicilian heritage, the
Adventure/Thriller ( 1969 / Jack Higgins )
Number of votes: 148, avarage rating: 7.0000
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Featuring: Stacy Wyatt

For Ken and Janet Swinhoe - and the other Amy

When Sean Burke saved me from that hell-hole of an Egyptian prison, I only knew I was damned glad to be out. I did not know that he was about to involve me in one of the world's dirtiest and deadliest intrigues. All he told me was, we were going on a rescue mission into Sicily. The daughter of an unsavory millionaire had been kidnaped by a notorious local bandit - which seemed reasonable enough. Kidnapping was, after all, on of Sicily's oldest industries. I had not told Sean Burke about my Sicilian grandfather. Head of the Crime Syndicate. I decided it was safer to keep it a secret. So there I was. Stacey Wyatt, piano player, soldier of fortune, escaped prisoner, on his way to a second chance at life. Or was it death?