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Iron tiger, The
Adventure/Thriller ( 1966 / Harry Patterson / Jack Higgins )
Number of votes: 125, avarage rating: 6.5840
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Featuring: Jack Drummond Charles Ferguson

For Brenda Godfrey who likes a good story

Jack Drummond was willing to do most things if only the price was right, and that included flying in guns to the Tibetans for his good friend Mr.Cheung, to help them in their struggle against the Chinese invaders.
Flying to Balpur he found himself slap in the middle of a shooting war following the invasion of Communist forces. Quite a surprise to find his old friend Cheung now a Colonel in the army of the People's Republic and aware of another side to Drummond that made him a highly desirable commodity in Peking.
His Beaver aeroplane a smoking wreck on the runway, there was only one way out for Drummond. Off he set through the Himalayas in a convoy of old British army trucks, snow falling, Colonel Cheung and his men snapping at his heels and Devil take the hindmost...