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One of the most frequently asked questions is "What is a Judas gate". A Judas gate is a small door in a larger door. An explanation of the origin of the name was found in this little piece of information a fan once pointed out to me:

We have in our files at SCAN a letter from "Jack Higgins" (Harry Patterson), author of TOUCH THE DEVIL, dated 16-4-85, saying:

"Judas gates constantly surface in my book and people have often commented. There is a painting, I think Victorian, which shows a very large double gate. Inset in this gate, is a small door or gate which you can open and step through without the inconvenience of opening the larger double gates. In the painting, Judas is seen stepping through on his way to betray Christ. So, in English factories, you find such a small door set in most big factory gates and they were traditionally known in Yorkshire, a very industrial area where I grew up, as JUDAS GATES..."