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Keys of hell, The
Aka: Keys of hell, The 2002
Espionage ( 1965 / Jack Higgins / Martin Fallon )
Number of votes: 135, avarage rating: 7.0074
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Featuring: Paul Chavasse

For Jan and Chris Hewitt, who like a good story

Albania.. a country where all pious people that did not adapt to the communist are being killed without any mercy.
Albania.. a country that is not to well know to Agent Paul Chavasse nor does he have wishes to get to know it. "Of course you can take a while off, " said his boss. "But first you have to do a job for me."
Because of this job Paul gets mixed up in a search for the legendary statue, the Black Madonna. More then once he stands face to face with ruthless criminals that finally show up to he contra-spies.