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Khufra run, The
Adventure/Thriller ( 1972 / Jack Higgins / James Graham )
Number of votes: 154, avarage rating: 6.5584
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Featuring: Jack Nelson

In memory of George Robert Limon

At the resort of Ibiza off the coast of Spain, a naked young woman runs out of the darkness into the headlights of Jack Nelson's jeep. The woman is Sister Claire Bouvier, fleeing for her life - and hunting for a lost treasure. For Nelson, a pilot specializing in island hopping and small-time smuggling, and his partner, a Vietnam vet who's gone beyond the limits of mortal fear, it's a chance to trade their battered souls for a bold mission and unexpected wealth. But first they must overpower a ruthless colonel of the Algerian Security Police, a man with a private army at his command who will do anything to grab the prize. A war is on that can turn an island paradise into a raging inferno - and turn a fight for gold into a race to death.