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Passage by night
Adventure/Thriller ( 1964 / Jack Higgins / Hugh Marlowe )
Number of votes: 129, avarage rating: 6.8450
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Featuring: Harry Manning

And this one for Uncle Bob

Review 1:
The revelation which brings Fidel Castro to power in Cuba is just one more episode in the deadly behind-the-scenes battle between the super powers.
But he aftermath threatens the whole world with war ...
One man thinks he can escape with his life and his yacht to the tranquil waters of the Bahamas. And instead finds himself at the heart of a terrifying conspiracy -where possession is the ultimate prize.

Review 2:
Harry Manning was a burnt-out case, sick of violence, wanting only to run his charter fishing boat off the Bahamas, and enjoy the rum and the women that got him through the night. Then a terrorist bomb blew up the plane carrying the man who was Manning’s best friend and the woman who had made him feel something close to love. Now Manning didn't want peace anymore. He didn't want escape. He wanted vengeance -as he sailed into the heart of terror, vowing to rip evil out by its bloody roots...