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Prayer for the dying, A
IRA ( 1973 / Jack Higgins )
Number of votes: 229, avarage rating: 8.0524
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Featuring: Martin Fallon

For Philip Williams, The Expert

Martin Fallon was an IRA idealist but after a failed attack in which a school bus with children got blown up he steps out of the business. The IRA want him back or dead and Scotland Yard wants him for his IRA activities. In order to get out of the country he needs two things: Money and a passport. For this he can turn only to a ruthless gangster, who also is an undertaker. The price which Fallon has to pay is high....

My own review:
Martin Fallon joined the IRA while young and full of ideals. Over the years the hard life and killing took its toll on him. When he blows up a schoolbus by accident he resigns the IRA. Now with every one on his heels he needs refuge badly. He is forced to do one more hit, a criminal who will not me missed by anyone. Martin's luck has run out, a priest sees the killing. It was to be the last murder so he spares the priest. The same day the priest takes Fallon's confession and therefore is bound to keep his silence by holy laws. Unintended Martin starts with his penance, which will prove to be the ultimate one.