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President's daughter, The
Terrorism ( 1997 / Jack Higgins )
Number of votes: 417, avarage rating: 7.7578
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Featuring: Sean Dillon Liam Devlin Hannah Bernstein Blake Johnson Charles Ferguson

In fond memory of my dear friend George Coleman

Twenty years ago, a brave young man in Vietnam saved the life of a widowed French woman, and a brief, passionate affair ensued. Now that young hero is President of the United States, a true golden boy - until the day his world turn upside down. On a visit to Paris, he sees his former love again for the first time, and she directs his attention to a beautiful woman across the room. Her daughter, she says. And his. Their secret. But the surprises are only beginning.
Someone, somewhere, has also discovered the truth, and acting with terrible speed, a group of men seizes the girl. If the President does not comply with their demands, they will execute her. He has ten days to decide.
The President turn to the only man he feels van help - Sean Dillon, the IRA enforcer turned security specialist whose work has impressed the President in London; and Blake Johnson, the decorated Marine and FBI agent who heads the elite White House group known only as "The Basement". If these two cannot find his daughter, the President must face the most momentous decision of all. And meanwhile the hours tick by.......