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Season in Hell, A
Detective ( 1989 / Jack Higgins )
Number of votes: 287, avarage rating: 7.7700
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Featuring: Tonny Villiers Charles Ferguson Sean Egan

For Shirley Cooper

In Paris, a Cambridge University student is murdered. When his body arrives in England it will be stuffed with pure heroin...On a training field used by Britain's elite Special Air Service, a young sergeant hones his killing skills to a savage pitch...In New York's finest restaurant, a beautiful woman shakes hands with the Vice-President. Tomorrow, she will enter a world of murder, terrorism and treachery. From London to Sicily and Northern Ireland, New York socialist Sarah Talbot and brutal ex-Special Services man Sean Egan are heading straight into the heart of Europe's most violent underworld - for one sweet moment of revenge and... A Season in Hell.