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Seven Pillars to Hell
Aka: Sheba
Adventure/Thriller ( 1963 / Jack Higgins / Hugh Marlowe )
Number of votes: 227, avarage rating: 7.1189
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Featuring: Gavin Kane

Elements of this work were taken from: Seven Pillars to Hell

August 1939 : in the blazing heart of Arabia's Empty Quarter, Hitler's crazed disciples plot their first salvo in a war to end wars. A devastating strike on Britain's artery of empire: the Suez Canal.
Their base : the fabulous tomb of Sheba, buried fir three thousand years by the shifting desert sands. But, unknown to the Fuml;hrer, others have already followed the deadly trail past the Seven Pillars of Hell.
American Gavin Kane braved the desert to rescue the woman he loved. Only now there was more than survival at stake. As the German advance threatens Europe, safeguarding a future means destroying a treasure beyond dreams...

With many thank to Bigblueben@aol.com who sorted out how the book was published twice:

"Seven Pillars to Hell" (1963, Hugh Marlowe) was re-written and published as "Sheba" (1995, Jack Higgins).