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Sure fire
Espionage ( 2006 / Jack Higgins )
Number of votes: 9, avarage rating: 8.6667
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Grow up fast - or die
Life was pretty normal until their mother died. At fifteen Jade and Rich Chance find themselves orphaned when their mother dies in a traffic accident. They stepfather gets out of their lives at lightning speed. Totally insecure about the future, much to their surprise, their father shows up. They did not know about him, nor did he know them. They do not get to know their father well. Before Jade and Rich realise that their appearance in his live is not really well timed, they get sucked into it. They do not get the chance to find out what it is he is hiding from them and why he is so secretive. They witness their father, John Chance, beeing kidnapped. Immediately Jade and Rich become the focus of a manhunt in which noone is to be trusted and nothing is what it seemed. Their mission: save their father who was on a mission to save the world. Only fifteen they have to grow up fast, or die...

Teaming up with Justing Richards, Jack Higgins writes a new novel. The story rises up like a storm, making it impossible to put down the book. Richards gives a new touch to the story while the real Jack Higgins style is kept without getting into the cliche of his last books. Dillon: your have been surpassed by two kids of only fifteen!