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Testament of Caspar Schultz, The
Aka: Bormann testament, The
Espionage ( 1962 / Jack Higgins / Martin Fallon )
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Featuring: Paul Chavasse

For Arnold

Special agent Paul Chavasse had been rudely pulled away from a much-deserved holiday. Whenever the job was dirty and complicated, they called Chavasse. How many times during the last five years had he been at this stage in a job? One jump ahead of trouble with he prospect of more to come, treading the razor edge of danger, undercover of darkness, meeting strange people in even stranger places. This time the mission was very dirty - and very dangerous. A former Nazi big-wig had written an explosive manuscript exposing top Nazis who had escaped to safety and were now leading double lives. Paul had to get that manuscript before the Nazis destroyed it - and him...

In 2006 this book was rereleased as "The Bormann testament". On the duality of this book Jack writes:
... So the Bormann Testament was born. For legal and security reasons, however, my publishers in 1962 were only prepared to put it out if changes were made. The major result was that Martin Bormann vanished from the book and a fictional Nazi leader took over, as indicated by the title under which the novel was finally published, The Testament of Caspar Shultz.
But times have changed and this present offering after so many years, is a return to what the original intended ... and a little more.