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To catch a king
Aka: Judas gate, The
World War II ( 1979 / Harry Patterson / Jack Higgins )
Number of votes: 170, avarage rating: 7.4353
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For my daughter Sarah, from one unashamed romantic to another.

Also known as: The Judas gate. This title was however already droped by the publisher before it was published. It is only mentioned in foreign copies which name it as the original title of the book.

Review 1:
In June 1940 the young diligent SS-general Walter Schellenberg is send to Lissabon with a top secret mission from the Fuml;rher. He has been orders to stop the Duke and the Duchess of Windsor from traveling from Portugal, where they fled to, to England ... if necessary by means of kidnapping them. Hitler wants to put the duke of Windsor, who is loved by the British people, on the throne after the victory of Germany. The duke will then be a puppet of the Fuml;rher and enlarge the glory of the Third Reich.
Review 2:
Hitler was certain the Duke of Windsor would accept his offer to rule England after Germany had defeated the country. And so he commissioned General Walter Schellenberg to carry out his plan to kidnap the royal couple should the Duke refuse. But Schellenberg was a most unusual Nazi. In fact, he was a most unusual man. And from the moment he met Hannah Winter, a beautiful Jewish singer, he knew fate had something very special for them.