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Violent enemy, The
Aka: Candle for the Dead, A
Terrorism ( 1966 / Jack Higgins )
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Featuring: Sean Rogan

And this one for young Sean Patterson

Also known as: A candle for the dead

In the idealistic world of the 1960s, a terrorist is brought to the brink by love ...
Many lives had already been sacrificed for the Irish cause, but legendary freedom fighter Colum O'More, ageing and critically ill, was ready to gamble once more for a last devastating strike ...
Britain's most wanted political offender. A seductively beautiful woman. And the dream of a perfect escape ...
Which is why Sean Rogan, soldier of the Irish Republican Army, gets all the help he needs to break out of a mainland security prison. An escape into a nightmare beyond anyone's control...

With many thank to Bigblueben@aol.com who sorted out how the book was published twice:

"The Violent Enemy" (1966, Hugh Marlowe) was also published as "A Candle for the Dead" (1966, Hugh Marlowe).