XBMC - MediaPortal TV Server Python video plugin v1.1.0.75

This is a slighly modified version of the existing XBMC python video plugin called "TVServer" or "XBMP-TV" to extends XBMC with a MediaPortal tv client.

It has less functionality compared to the PVR client, but it is useful for testing without having to build the pvr-testing2 version of XBMC from source and for XBOX users.

Update: 01-08-2010:

Download: TVServer XBMC Video Plugin
Required: MediaPortal v1.1.0 + TVServerXBMC plugin v1.1.0.70 or higher (see this page)

Put the TVServer plugin in xbmc/plugins/Video/ for XBMC upto 9.11 and in addons/ for XBMC PRE-10.
Edit TVServer/resources/settings.xml in case the "TVServerXBMC" server is not running on the same machine.

See the included readme.txt for more information.