XBMC - MediaPortal TV support

Last update: 25-03-2012, Marcel Groothuis (margro @ XBMC forum)

This page contains the support tooling and some patches for the XBMC pvr-testing2 branch to use XBMC's new PVR front-end capabilities with the MediaPortal v1.1.0 TV server as back-end.

XBMC - MediaPortal TV Server Python video plugin
This is a XBMC video plugin that allows you to use XBMC as TV client for MediaPortal. Requires: XBMC 9.11, Pre-10, XBMC for XBOX (untested)

XBMC - Unofficial Windows builds with PVR support
Contains XBMC Dharma and XBMC pvr-testing2 builds with MediaPortal, TVHeadend and VDR PVR clients.

XBMC - MediaPortal PVR client addon and the documentation
Requires a special XBMC build with PVR support.

MediaPortal - TVServerXBMC
This is a MediaPortal TVServer plugin that allows XBMC to communicate with the TVServer. Required for the PVR client and the TV Server Python plugin.