XBMC - MediaPortal PVR client documentation

Last update: 22-04-2011, Marcel Groothuis (margro @ XBMC forum)


This page explains how to install and configure the MediaPortal PVR client addon in XBMC. This addon uses XBMC's experimental PVR front-end capabilities to connect to the MediaPortal v1.1.x TV server as back-end. This manual focusses mainly on a single seat (Windows) installation where both the TVServer and XBMC are running on the same machine. However, the configuration settings for a multi-seat setup will be explained.

Note: this manual is unfinished. See also the old readme.txt document for more information.

Summary of the supported features:

Summary of lacking features and known ussues:


This manual assumes that you already have installed the MediaPortal TVServer (v1.1.x) on your machine.

Download the following items:


TVServerXBMC plugin

The MediaPortal TV Server is written in C#, making it difficult for XBMC to control it directly. The MediaPortal PVR client depends on a special plugin at the TV Server side, called TVServerXBMC. The TVServerXBMC plugin for the TV Server provides a socket interface to XBMC to control the TV Server. Please read the "readme.txt" file included in the TVServerXBMC rar files for more information.

MediaPortal PVR client

The MediaPortal PVR client is already installed under "addons\pvr.team-mediaportal.tvserver" when you are using one of my Windows XBMC-PVR builds.

XMBC - MediaPortal PVR client addons

Two versions of this PVR client exist:

XBMC PVR configuration

The configuration is finished now. If everything went right, you should be able to use the MediaPortal PVR addon. If not, see the Troubleshooting section for help.


General hints

Addon cannot be loaded. Could not connect

Live TV/Radio streaming fails