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Edge of danger
Terrorism ( 2001 / Jack Higgins )
Number of votes: 190, avarage rating: 7.4895
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Featuring: Sean Dillon Hannah Bernstein Charles Ferguson Blake Johnson

To Tes, who thinks it is about time

Publisher's review from the back cover:
A murderous vendetta places at stake not only lives but the fate of nations in Jack Higgins's powerful new thriller
The President was running fast now, in the heavy driving rain of Nantucket, and enjoying every minute of it. It washed the years away, and with the world as it was, he could certainly do with that....And in the reeds, the killers waited.
"I always return": for centuries, that has been the Rashid family motto. Half-British, half-Arab, the Rashids' twin traditions have interwoven over the years to produce a remarkable family of warriors, as much at home under the pitiless desert sun as in the streets of London. But it is to neither of these places that the Rashids now direct their rage. It is to the United States, whose president they hold accountable for a series of attacks against their power and their honor. From opposite ends of the world, hints are picked up by Blake Johnson, head of the clandestine White House operation known at The Basement, and his Irish colleague, Sean Dillon, but hints to what? By whom? Frantically they work to find the answers--and meanwhile the killers lie in wait.
And that is only the beginning....

Ben Pearson wrote this review of the book:
OUTSTANDING! Maybe I was hungry to read a new Higgins book, but I found Edge of Danger to be a riveting, exciting and fully satisfying novel. An excellent story, superbly written. Couldn't put it down and hated when it was finished. The pace was downhill racer with excitement on every page. Possibly one of his top three works. (In my opinion, this book, The Eagle has Landed and Flight of Eagles are his three best books). This one is pure Jack Higgins at every turn.
Some critics would say, "Too much like Jack Higgins." And I would reply, "Right, and what's wrong with that?"